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Having an effective football club structure is important to become a successful club. The committee is a team responsible for managing your club on behalf of its members. To see what Committee Positions are required by the club see the Role Statements below. If you wish to nominate for a committee position or club role, please download the Application Form below and submit it as per the instructions on the form.

SMOSHWLJFC_Form_Committee Application_Season 2017


2016 Executive Committee:

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President: Darren Hall

Vice President: Patrick Sloan

Secretary: Tara Hancock

Treasurer: Nathan Baker

Youth Football Director: Lucas Stubing

Child Safety Officer: Elizabeth Foster

Junior Football Director: Kev Keeler

Registrar: Lisa Russell

SANFL Delegate: Terry Connelly


General Committee:

Merchandise: Sinead Frayne

Sponsorship (Sub-committee): Wendy Hocking

Communications: Zac Cook


Role Statements / Position Description

Main Committee Roles

1 A. SWLJFC Committee Structure

1 B. SWLJFC Roles Within a Club

2. SWLJFC PD_President

3. SWLJFC PD_Secretary

4. SWLJFC PD_Treasurer

5. SWLJFC PD_Vice President

6. SWLJFC PD_Football Director

14. SWLJFC PD_Sponsorship Co-Ordinator

17. SWLJFC PD_Registrar

22. SWLJFC PD_Child Protection Officer

Sub Committee Roles

7. SWLJFC PD_Team Manager

9. SWLJFC PD_Canteen Manager

10. SWLJFC PD_Facility Manager

11. SWLJFC PD_Council Liaison Officer

12. SWLJFC PD_Functions & Events Co-Ordinator

13. SWLJFC PD_Merchandising Sales Co-Ordinator

16. SWLJFC PD_Junior Coach

21. SWLJFC PD_AUSKICK Co-Ordinator

Game Day Roles

15. SWLJFC PD_Time Keeper

18. SWLJFC PD_Interchange Steward

19. SWLJFC PD_Goal Umpire

20. SWLJFC PD_Boundary Umpire